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Pure Monopoly in a Competitive World Essay - 996 Words

In the business world, the perfectly competitive firm is considered the price taker, whereas the monopolistic firm is the price maker, meaning they have control over the price. Pure monopoly does exist in today’s business world; we all have had the opportunity to have personal dealings with such companies. This assignment will discuss the various degrees of â€Å"monopolies† and attempt to provide accurate examples, allowing me to share my understanding of the competitive business market. In a competitive business world, pure monopoly exists when a single firm is the exclusive producer of a product or service for which no close substitutes exist. There are three very distinct characteristics that can be used to describe a pure monopoly or†¦show more content†¦For this reason, a pure monopolistic company is not so intent on selling the most expensive product, but instead places their intent on maximizing their profits (). To some extent, the pure monopolistic firm varies from just a monopolistic firm partly because of the number of competitors involved in a monopolistic venue which is less than one hundred. A monopolistic firm can be defined as a firm that has a relatively large number of firms, differentiated products which is promoted with heavy advertising, and easy entry/exit from the industry itself (). Monopolistic competition consists of small market shares, meaning a firm has a relatively small percentage of the total market and limited control over the market price. Because of the fairly large number of firms involved confirms that no collusion by a certain group of firms can happen so there can be no restrictions on output of the products and a set price is improbable and the involvement of several firms, each firm controls their own pricing without facing retribution from the other firms (). This is quite a stark difference between pure monopolistic firms being that pure monopolistic firms control the price and face no competition whatsoever in terms of products. Utility companies are considered to be pure monopolistic in nature. Here in south-central WV, American Electric Power (AEP) is the sole provider of electricity; therefore they would be considered pureShow MoreRelatedThe Market Structures, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly And Monopoly1507 Words   |  7 PagesBased on all the facts mentioned above, there are four general market structures – Pure Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly and Monopoly. This paper explores these market structures and how they affect the prices, supply and demand and the firm as a whole. It also includes a case study of one of the market structures, monopolistic competition, in order to explain better how things work in the real world. Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of Illinois said, â€Å"A successful economic developmentRead MoreMonopoly and Fair Return945 Words   |  4 PagesChapter 10 (Tentative Due Date: by November 1) Question 2: Discuss the major barriers to entry into an industry. Explain how each barrier can foster either monopoly or oligopoly. Which barriers, if any, do you feel give rise to monopoly that is socially justifiable? LO1 The major barriers to entry in an industry are economies of scale, legal barriers such as patents amp; licenses and other strategic or pricing barriers. Economies of scale occur only in large firms who are able to reach a minimumRead MoreEssay on Four Market Structures in Australia865 Words   |  4 Pagesthe market price. The lower the firms ability to influence the market, the more competitive the industry is considered. In the limiting case where the degree of influence of one firm is zero, talk about a perfectly competitive market. Companies and business through time they live attached to the four market structures. This essay will give some examples of the four market structures in Australia like Monopoly, duopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition. Companies and businesses can moveRead MoreMarket Structures1503 Words   |  7 Pagesexplores the pure competition market structure through the analysis to Fiji Water Company. Second, the oligopoly market structure with LOreal Group Cosmetic and Beauty Company. Third, explain the monopolistic competition market structure with Campbells Soup Company. Last, the team explains how Quasar evolves through the four market structures over the lifecycle of the product as well as changes in the aggregate number of suppliers and consumers. Pure Competition. - By Elizabeth Coursey Pure competitionRead MoreCosts And Benefits Of Monopoly1131 Words   |  5 Pagesthe costs and benefits of monopoly in modern economies. A pure monopoly is defined as a market structure where there is only one seller of a product, and therefore owns 100% of the market share. The product that the monopolist sells must be unique and cannot have any close substitutes. There are also many barriers to entry and exit which make the survival of any competitors, highly unlikely. These stringent requirements make pure monopolies a scarcity in the real world therefore in the UK, a firmRead MoreDifferentiating Bewteen Market Structures1624 Words   |  7 Pagespurchasers and retailers, level in which a product has a substitute, price, entry and exit ease, and the level of mutual dependence. These structured variables are classified in the following market structures: perfectly competitive markets, monopolistically competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies (Colander, 2010). Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that offers upscale grocery fare such as; organic produce, nutritional supplements, and health foods. Trader Joe’s was founded by Joe CoulombeRead MoreEssay about Eco 561 Final Exam Free1423 Words   |  6 Pagesclothing] C. the supply of and demand for clothing have grown by the same proportion D. there is no way to determine what has happened to supply and demand with this information 2) Camilles Creations and Julias Jewels both sell beads in a competitive market. If at the market price of $5, both are running out of beads to sell (they cant keep up with the quantity demanded at that price), then we would expect both Camilles and Julias to: A. raise their price and reduce their quantity supplied Read MoreAshford 6: - Week 5 - Final Paper1927 Words   |  8 Pagesequilibrium. Firms were earning a normal rate of return and were competing in a monopolistically competitive market structure. In 2008, a couple of lawyers quietly purchased all the firms and began operations as a monopoly called â€Å"Wonks.† To operate efficiently, Wonk’s hired a management consulting firm, which estimated a different long run competitive equilibrium. The new company is now run as a monopoly, and this paper shall explain how this benefit’s the stakeholders involved, such as the governmentRead MoreDifferentiating Between Market Structures Essay1105 Words   |  5 Pagesmaking decisions.† Furthermore, given that Oligopolistic firms are few, they are interdependent of each other and can either be collusive or noncollusive. It is this interdependence amongst the firms that distinguish them as an oligopoly vice a competitive monopoly. Target and Costco are considered to be Wal-Mart’s competition because they offer similar products and services to their customers. Through personal experience this writer and his family members typically compare the quality of the item,Read MoreAllocative Efficiency and Dynamic Efficiency1114 Words   |  4 Pagesefficiency is a perfectly competitive market, an organisation under perfect competition is deemed to be the price taker, which an individual organization have no control over the pricing and to accept the price determined by the market forces of demand and supply. Perfect competition is an unrealistic concept to the face that leaves out the very core of economic development, improvement through innovation. As there isn’t such a thing as a perfect competition market in the real world, a close to perfect

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Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury - 2077 Words

The Key to Happiness â€Å"Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval† ( The main character, Guy Montag, in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury proves this point because he disregards society’s rules to find his true happiness. The book is about a society where books are burned and people are not allowed to think. The society has firefighters, but instead of putting out fires, they start the fires. The main character, Guy Montag, is a firefighter that meets a unique teenage girl named Clarisse, and starts thinking about true happiness. After seeing a woman get burned to death along with her books, Guy becomes curious about books. He starts reading them and showing them to Mildred, his wife. Guy eventually gets caught and has to burn his house down with all of the books in it. He then burns the fire chief and is on the run from the government. While he is being hunted like a deer, a war is going on and a nuclear warhead destroys the whole city. A strong message that Bradbury is trying to tell us is that people cannot let technology take over their life since it is only a cover up for true happiness. Happiness is based on one’s freedom because those who live outside of society and those who choose to defy the government are truly happy, while those who allow the government to control them are not happy at all. First of all people that live outside of society are truly happy. This is shown throughShow MoreRelatedFahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury719 Words   |  3 PagesThe flash point of paper, or the temperature at which paper will burst in flames, is 451 degrees Fahrenheit. In Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, the main character, Guy Montag, is a â€Å"fireman† in a futuristic society where he and his coworkers start fires, rather than put them out. Books are banned and burned, along with the owner of the book’s house and sometimes even the owner of the b ook, upon discovery. Technology has taken over in a sense that social interaction between the average personRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury1952 Words   |  8 Pagesis clearly displayed in the plight of Ray Bradbury’s novel about a dystopian American society, Fahrenheit 451, which contains many ideas and bits of content that some people believed should be censored. In fact, one of the reasons that this novel was censored for displaying the dangers of censorship, which is both extremely ironic, and telling as to where this society is going. Thanks to several distributors and oversensitive parents and teachers, Fahrenheit 451 has been banned in many schools overRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury954 Words   |  4 Pages In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the author uses allegory (often misinterpreted by readers) to show the dangers of mass media consumption and the decline of reading traditional media. Many readers draw incorrect conclusions (lessons learned) fro m the book due to how generally the book applies its theme. Government censorship, though an important topic, is not the intended focus of the novel Fahrenheit 451. Finally, Bradbury’s original message of the book shows the beauty of traditional media andRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury1592 Words   |  7 PagesWhen writing the introduction to Fahrenheit 451, author Neil Gaiman stated that â€Å"ideas--written ideas--are special. They are the way we transmit our stories and our thoughts from one generation to the next. If we lose them, we lose our shared history†. Gaiman is absolutely correct; especially because what he is saying heavily applies to books. Books are a critical aspect in shaping humanity as a whole, they create and share a network of creative ideas, history, and overall entertainment; to loseRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury1661 Words   |  7 Pages1.) In the novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Montag’s view on life reve rses. Two characters the influence the main character Guy Montag are the old lady whose house and books were burnt down and Mildred. The old lady was caught preserving books in her home. Firemen including Montag were ordered to burn the books. The old lady refused to leave her books, so she too was burned. She bravely gave an allusion as her last words, â€Å"Play the man,’ she said, ‘Master Ridley.’ Something, somethingRead MoreFahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury818 Words   |  4 PagesFAHRENHEIT 451 BY RAY BRADBURY Important People in Montag’s Life In Partical Fulfillment Of English 2 Ms Irina Abramov By Helen Hernandez November 9, 2012 â€Å"There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them† -Ray Bradbury. In the past there were events that affected book writers. People will get together to burn books because they thought it was inappropriate or they were against their literature. Montag is a fireman in a futuristic society who would startRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury918 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Fahrenheit 451,† written by Ray Bradbury, is a futuristic, dystopian novel based upon a society secluded by technology and ignorance. In this future society, books are outlawed and firemen are presented with the task of burning books that are found in people’s homes. Montag, a fireman, finds himself intrigued with the books, and begins to take them home and read them. As the story progresses, Montag learns the truth behind why books are outlawed and flees his city to join the last remnants of age-oldRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury863 Words   |  4 PagesTh e novel, Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury and it took place in the dystopian future. Throughout each novel, we are able to see a major theme, which is censorship. In this essay, I will explain how this theme are explored in the story by using the literary devices. To begin with, in this novel, censorship is not given a straight description, but we can see how the author shows it through many literary elements, such as using the setting, tone and symbolisms even foreshadowing. This novelRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury943 Words   |  4 PagesIn the novel Fahrenheit 451, written in 1951 by Ray Bradbury. There are many similarities between the novel and contemporary society, including technology, family lifestyle and censorship. In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury’s main focus was on technology, such as televisions. Televisions were a big deal back in 1950, individuals were thrilled to get their hands on the new device. When it comes to Mildred, Montag s wife in Fahrenheit 451 novel. Mildred was so obsessed with televisions. She had three differentRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury1592 Words   |  7 PagesWhen writing the introduction to Fahrenheit 451, author Neil Gaiman stated that â€Å"ideas--written ideas--are special. They are the way we transmit our stories and our thoughts from one generation to the next. If we lose them, we lose our shared history†. Gaiman is absolutely correct; especially because what he is saying heavily applies to books. Books are a critical aspect in shaping humanity as a whole, they create and share a network of creative ideas, history, and overall entertainment; to lose

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Business Ethics Management

Question: Write a paper to present your position on sweatshop labor and provide justification. Answer: Introduction The paper has analyzed the unethical behavior of the organizations using sweat shop labor. Sweat shop labor is a term that has been used to define the work place that has socially unacceptable conditions of working. In most cases the work is dangerous and unpaid. Workers in the sweat shop have to work for long hours without mandating the laws that provide overtime payment (Paulins Hillery, 2009). The clothing company has been using sweat shop labor for manufacturing clothes those results in low cost of production. But the use of sweat shop labor is not an ethical practice. Sweat shop labor is increasing at an alarming rate in the globalized world. The practice of reduction of cost of production using sweat shop labor is against the legal policies that govern labor laws (O'Brien, 2001). Sweat shop labor An unethical practice The usage of sweat shop labor has been increasing at an alarming rate. But the usage of sweat shop labor is an unethical practice as the workers are forced to work for long hours without overtime payment. This violates the labor laws of the country. In order to reduce the cost of production, the organizations are using sweat shop labor. There has been potential rise of sweat shop culture across nations (Szeto, 2010). Impact of consumer demand on consumer business decision The global market place is driven with intense pressure of price competition. The companies who are able to provide quality products at low price sustain in the market. Thus the companies are bound to cut the cost of production to remain competitive. The situation has risen due to increase in demand of the consumers regarding price of products and quality. This has put immense pressure on the business. The business firms have to adopt procedures that will reduce the cost of production without compromising with the quality. Thus the organizations have increased the practice of using sweat shop labors. The unethical practices have been increasing in all parts of the world at an alarming rate (Williams, 2006). Role of different ethical perspectives in ethical decision making The diverse ethical perspectives assist in ethical decision making. The ethical perspectives have to be considered in terms of salary and wages of the employees, motivation and job satisfaction of the employees. This will result in good productivity and turnover with better quality of service. It is mandatory that every organization should follow the labor laws. Violation of labor law is an unethical practice. The diverse ethical perspectives ensure that safety of the business is maintained and it abides by the health and safety rules and regulations (Baldwin Winters, 2004). Influence of company on the ethical environment The organization plays a major role in preserving the ethical environment. The increase in the usage of sweat shop labor at an alarming rate is an unethical practice. The organizations are making compromises in order to remain competitive. But the organization has to ensure that they maintain safe and healthy conditions at work place. The organization must also focus on preserving the job satisfaction. With globalization, companies have focused in enhancing their operations overseas along with decentralization of the business function. This is followed by empowerment of the work force. Thus it is imperative for the organization to develop code of ethics to reduce the misconduct in the organization. An ethical environment will reduce the usage of sweat shop labor. It is thereby the responsibility of the organization to preserve an ethical environment at workplace. This will reduce the moral and the ethical dilemmas. The decisions of the business will be based on ethical grounds. The d ilemmas are complex in nature and the companies are forced to take decisions that have negative repercussions on the business. This can result in bewildering moral problems in the organization. The company will tend to lose its fundamental issue related to fairness. It is the sole responsibility of the company to preserve the ethical environment at work place by reducing the unfair practices (Ciulla, Martin Solomon, 2007). Conclusion The usage of sweat shop labor in the manufacture of clothing products has increased at an alarming rate. The sweat shop labors are used by the manufacturing organizations to reduce the cost of production without reducing the quality of the product. This is done to maintain the global competitiveness. The unethical practice of using sweat shop labor is increasing at an alarming rate. The unfair practice is a result of increase in demand from the consumers. The organization has to strictly follow certain ethical code of conduct that will assist in the decision making of the organization. References Baldwin, R., Winters, L. (2004). Challenges to globalization. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Ciulla, J., Martin, C., Solomon, R. (2007). Honest work. New York: Oxford University Press. Mai, T., Turkina, E. (2013). Entrepreneurship in the informal economy. New York: Routledge, Taylor Francis Group. O'Brien, R. (2001). "'A Sweat Shop of the Whole Nation': The Fair Labor Standard Act and the Failure of Regulatory Unionism". Stud. Am. Pol. Dev., 15(1), 33-52. doi:10.1017/s0898588x01003881 Paulins, V., Hillery, J. (2009). Ethics in the fashion industry. New York, NY: Fairchild Publications. Szeto, R. (2010). Chinese folk wisdom: Implications for guarding against unethical practices by Chinese managers. Journal Of Public Affairs, 10(3), 173-185. doi:10.1002/pa.355 Williams, C. (2006). Beyond the sweat shop: offà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ theà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ books work in contemporary England. Jrnl Of Small Bus Ente Dev, 13(1), 89-99. doi:10.1108/14626000610645333

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Doubt Of Future Foes By Elizabeth Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper The Doubt of Future Foes by Queen Elizabeth I The uncertainty of future enemies expatriates my present joy, And wit me warns to eschew such traps as threaten mine annoy. For falsity now doth flow, and capable religion doth wane, Which would non be, if ground ruled or wisdom weaved the web. But clouds of playthings unseasoned do cloak draw a bead oning heads, Which turn to rain of late repent, by class of changed air currents. The top of hope supposed, the root of Ruth will be, And fruitless all their graffed crafts, as shortly ye shall see. The dazzled eyes with pride, which great aspiration blinds, Shall be unsealed by worthy creatures whose foresight falsity discoveries. The girl of argument, that eke strife doth sow Shall reap no addition where former regulation hath taught still peace to turn. No foreign banished wight shall ground in this port, Our kingdom it brooks no alien? s force, allow them elsewhere resort. Our rusty blade with remainder, shall first his border employ To canvass their tops that seek such alteration and gape for joy. Written in 1568 by one of England? s most outstanding swayers, The Doubt of Future Foes gaining controls a clip of hurt for Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth Jenkins, one of the great Queen? s biographers, stated that Elizabeth was non poetical, but she shared that extraordinary gift of look that was general among the English of the clip, and one time or twice she wrote some singular poetry ( Jenkens, Elizabeth the Great, 1958 ) . In this peculiar singular poetry, Elizabeth composed 16 lines depicting the troubled province of England and prophesied the destiny of her enemies. Elizabeth uses initial rhyme in several lines, such as wisdom weaved the web and foresight falsity discoveries, which reflects her knowing and civilized background. However, the verse form appears to be chiefly a merchandise of Elizabeth? s struggles with antagonists and a menace to those who had the aspirant heads to effort to take her from the throne. The verse form is written in octosyllabics: riming pairs with 12 syllables in the first line and 14 syllables in the 2nd line. This metre drums out a steady, forceful beat that farther drills in the extremely moralistic message of trueness? or else. The foremost two lines province that Elizabeth? s fright ( uncertainty ) about her enemies prevents her from being happy, and that if she were smart, she would ignore the traps those enemies had set in topographic point to harm her with. Her cousin, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, had been giving her cousin heartache about Elizabeth? s unfulfilled promise when Mary was imprisoned to assist her regain her throne ( and succeeded in labeling Elizabeth as a dissembler ) , but Mary refused to admit the fact that Elizabeth had saved her life countless times. Her cousin besides had her eyes on the British Crown and appealed to Elizabeth? s understanding to get down to win it. However, advised by Sir William Cecil that her cousin had an appetency to the Crown, she handled Mary? s demands, such as for Elizabeth? s ain royal garments, with cautiousness and restriction. At this point in history, Elizabeth was besides enraged tha t the northern Catholics had spurned her exceptionally tolerant spiritual policy. The Catholics had ever wanted Elizabeth ousted from the throne because she had committed the farce of being Protestant, and they looked at anything controversial that she did as a manner to acquire her out. Line three describes perfidy and devotedness as a moving ridge that recedes and crestless waves ; at the present clip, commitment is short of manus and lese majesty is a changeless menace. However, Elizabeth provinces in line four that if people had intelligence and common sense, they would be loyal to her. She feels this manner non merely because of her spiritual beliefs, but besides because of the simple fact that she is Queen. Her topics may be rebellious now, when they feel they may hold a opportunity at subverting her, but finally she is still in power and has a aureate finger to direct their destiny. She alludes to the at hand tools and fast ones that her antagonists will utilize against her as clouds that will fall every bit rain when her enemies change their heads and beg forgiveness. She besides portrays their false foreparts as a shoot grafted into the turning works of the land of England, with hope as the foliages ( exceed ) and sorrow ( Ruth ) as the roots, but which will output no net incomes ( fruit ) every bit long as they are unpatriotic. She so provinces that their conceited eyes, full of impatient expectancy, will be opened by a baronial individual ( a worthy creature ) who foresees their perfidy. Elizabeth refers to her cousin Mary as the girl of argument because she had caused so much dirt and contention. She predicts that no affair what conflict Mary began, she would neer hold success because the Reformation of England has trained her, as Queen, to keep peace. No foreign or exiled individual such as Mary would sit at the throne of England, because the land does non let aliens governing it. Let them travel someplace else, Elizabeth declares, because that will non be tolerated in my state. The verse form terminals with a vibrating menace that foreshadows the destiny of Mary. The executioner? s blade which has non been used in so long will strike off the caputs of those that wish to alter sovereign, and these executions of decease will convey joy and prosperity back to the Kingdom. Elizabeth? s anticipation became world when Mary was charged with being accoutrement to an attempted slaying of Elizabeth and was beheaded in 1587, and William Byrd wrote a vocal that echoed Elizabeth? s announcing about twenty old ages before: The baronial celebrated queen/Who lost her caput of late/Doth show that kings every bit good as clowns/Are edge to Lucks? destiny, /And that no earthly Prince/Can so unafraid his crown/But Luck with her twirling wheel/Hath power to draw them down ( Jenkins, 316 ) . It was said among those who knew her that Elizabeth neer wept once more as she did when Mary was executed. However, as a strong swayer, she did what was necessary for the wellbeing of her state, and she rid England of its oppositions. She would hold no more fright of future enemies. Elizabeth, I. The Doubt of Future Foes. 1568. Jenkins, Elizabeth. Elizabeth the Great. 1958.

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Analyzing Civil Rights

Analyzing Civil Rights Slavery, Civil Rights, and the Constitution during the 19th CenturyIn 1619, a Dutch ship sailed into Jamestown, Virginia and sold twenty African slaves to the Virginia colonists, thus slavery and involuntary servitude begun. Throughout the early 1800s the South and the North drifted progressively further apart over the issue of allowing the institution of human slavery to continue in the United States. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president and refused to let the southern states "go in peace and made a movement to abolish slavery, which resulted in the American Civil War. After the Civil War was over, Congress passed the three great Civil War Amendments to our constitution. In this paper I will take a closer look at Slavery, Civil Rights, and the Constitution during the 19th Century (AfricanAmericans.Com, 2004).The Dred Scott DecisionDred Scott and his wife Harriet were slaves owned by Master Sanford.English: 14th Amendment of the United States Const...In 1846, Mr. and Mrs. Sc ott filed suit for their freedom in the St. Louis Circuit Court. This suit began an eleven-year legal fight that ended in the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court issued a landmark decision declaring that Scott and his wife are to remain a slave, that they are property, and the Constitution made no distinction between slaves and other types of property. The judge reasoned that the Missouri Compromise deprived slaveholding citizens of their property in the form of slaves, and that therefore the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional, which contributed to rising tensions between the free and slave states just before the American Civil War (University Libraries, 2004). Mr. and Mrs. Scott's only last hope was that the Chief Justice would decide that Scott was free because of his length of stay in the free state of Illinois, but the Chief Justice made no such decision.

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Romeo and Juliet Monologue Essays

Romeo and Juliet Monologue Essays Romeo and Juliet Monologue Paper Romeo and Juliet Monologue Paper Juliet: Hum! Something fears. O Romeo! All I desire is to be with you. I cant stand, seeing you fade away into the dark fog. The wind seems to carry you far away from me but I hope the sun will give you light in the darkness. The more the distance between us the more I dread for you. O Romeo! The moment you leave, your thoughts keep appearing in my mind. Then all I do is dream about what you said all along our meetings. It was on the day my dad gave a party; I wonder how he was there. He looked very nervous. He seemed to be searching for someone; perhaps someone special. Then his keen eyes fell on mine. I couldnt resist the way he stared at me. So I immediately turned away. His hand suddenly touched mine, it was cold and a sudden shiver ran across my body. When I turned, he said If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: My lips two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth the rough touch with a tender kiss. I cant forget those words. I really felt as pure and as holy as an angel when he said that. I knew he liked me and wanted to kiss me. I knew it the moment he said O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do! as we touched each others hands. My cheeks blushed and my heart was too heavy for words as he gave me a loving kiss. The nurse than interrupted, I was so furious, as I hardly met him. I didnt even know his name. After everyone left, me and the nurse were left alone in the massive hall. Thats when I asked her what his name was. She said His name is Romeo, and a Montague. The only son of your great enemy My anger changed to despair as I knew that my only love was my familys greatest enemy. I was shocked. All day I couldnt resist thinking about him. That night, when I was in the balcony opening up my thoughts he suddenly sprang out of the bushes. For a second there, my blood froze. I couldnt say no to him now as he must have heard what I spoke I thought as we spoke Then I feared for him as I told him if they do see thee they will murder thee. I told him again if any of the kinsmen will see him they will kill him. But he didnt care and replied Alack, their lies more peril in thine eye Than twenty of their swords! My heart lightened as he said those words but my fear for him seemed to be deepened. So I said I wouldnt let that happen. Then he replied I have nights cloak to hide me from their eyes. He was exaggerating and dreaming as he said he had nights cloak to hide him from the kinsmen. After that I was quite serious about what was happening. I asked for true commitment for our love. He said Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow. I was not pleased when he swore on the moon as it constantly rotates round the earth. But then I somehow knew he truly loved me. When he was about to leave he said O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied? I was surprised at first as I didnt know what satisfaction he wanted. Then he told me about our marriage and so it was set the next day. It was too quick I thought but I couldnt wait any longer like him. We got married happily, it was a great feeling. Today I didnt want him to go but he had to. I was playing with him until he said come, death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so. How ist, my soul? Lets talk, it is not day. I became serious and didnt want anything to happen to him because of me. So, I rushed him up a bit to get ready for his journey. Then he suddenly said More light and light; more dark and dark our woes. I felt darkness fall over me when he said that. Suddenly, the nurse alerted us as he had to leave quickly as possible because my mother was coming to see me. I became tensed. Then everything went quick and well. Then we gave a farewell kiss and then he departed. When he was walking away an unpleasant thought rushed through my mind. I feared whether we will meet again or not. I was terrorized by the thought. I turned my attention towards my mothers call.

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The Market Forces of supply and demand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

The Market Forces of supply and demand - Essay Example These two inter-relates in a situation whereby the producer sells the same quantity of a goods and services that the consumer is willing and capable to purchase. Since a market is a combination of the producer (sellers) and consumer (buyers) of a specific goods and service, the force of demand and supply has been used in the economics to refer to the general behavior of the market participants (Caballero, Hoshi and Kashyap 1947). The main characteristics of a market are that all goods and services are the same and have got a large number of buyers and sellers to curb the effects brought by a single person over the market price. In the economy, a market exists as a competitive field in which a variety of companies and business entities produce identical goods and service and strive to sell to their prospects. The type of market in operation maintains its’ existence in the economy because of their structure namely; a monopoly; which is a market structure where the market is controlled by one firm. Monopolistic competition is market where a variety of companies have a certain percentage of market share but they all differentiate their goods and service from each other to make them unique. Perfect competition is a market structure that does not have a limited number of firms that have an entry. It is generally free entry for all interested buyers and sellers. Another market structure is the oligopoly that has its’ operations dominated by few firms and have total control over the majority in the market share. In cases where there two firms are dominating and has full control of the market share, it is referred to a duopoly. Unlike in a monopolistic market structure where we only have one provider, in a monophony market, there is only one person to purchase the products in the market (buyer). In addition, there is a market structure